Engineering Detailed of the Water Treatment Plant of La Esmeralda (Colombia)


Aqueduct and Sewer Company of Villavicencio (E.S.P)




2013 - En Ejecución

Potable Water


Extension of the treatment capacity from 138,240 m³ / day to 172,800 m³ / day. The actions to be carried out are divided:

  • Adaptation of the water line (water inlet, mixing chambers with mechanical agitators, updating of flocculation, lamellar sedimentation, remodeling of the filters to allow washing with water-air, disinfection with chlorine gas).
  • New sludge line: Homogenization tank (settling purges and dirty filter washing water), Thickening, Sludge dewatering and Storage of dehydrated sludge.
  • Remodeling of the reactive building and improvement of the dosing systems.
  • New office buildings both for the control of the Plant and for the General Administration of the supply system of the city of Villavicencio.



  • Compilation of information and preparation of topographic survey field works.
  • Analysis of Existing Information.
  • Review of information about treatment systems.
  • Feasibility studies and determination of the Optimal Treatment System.
  • Elaboration of the Detail Engineering of the selected alternative.
  • Preparation of the operation documents of the future facilities and Operation Manual of the Plant.
  • Advice to the public administration.
  • Presentation of the project before the authorities and beneficiary population.
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